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The Problem

Image a point-of-sale customer loyalty program that offered rewards for repeat business. You scan a QR code at the register each time you make a purchase, and after a certain dollar amount or number of purchases, you’re offered a reward from that particular retailer. That’s what we were given. A customer loyalty and rewards program. But it was a blank slate. No name. No brand. No anything. So we built it all. And used every discipline within our agency’s arsenal.

Our Approach

Because the program offered rewards to loyal customers, our creative strategy focused on the notions of treasure or, pirate’s booty, if you will. So branded everything in a pirate theme, even naming the company Huzzah - after an old pirate’s exclamation of celebration. This gave us a strong, central platform from which to create the brand and all extension of the brand. Including the app itself, a sales video, point-of-sale displays, membership cards, Web site (laptop, iPad and mobile), posters, stickers and more.

The Results

To date, the Huzzah brand has proven very effective in soliciting businesses to enlist in the rewards program. Initially, rolled out in only Houston as a test market, the programs has quickly expanded and is now up and running in more than 14 markets nationwide.

A Total Agency Effort

Rarely, if ever, does a project come along that exercises every muscle across an agency’s body of work and capabilities. To date, only Huzzah has occupied that space. We started from the ground up. Branding with a name and logo. Development of Web and collateral. App development. Creation of point-of-sale displays and operation. We even created a currency - unique Huzzah gold coins that represent found treasure for the customer-members.

Make A Voice, Make A Video

Too many brands play it safe. Predictable names. Boring identities. You know the drill. Well, with Huzzah we found a client who really wanted to have fun with their brand. And it worked. The name Huzzah alludes to a pirate’s cheer after a battle at sea, or after discovering buried treasure. We let parrots do the talking. Incorporated map textures. Made coins. And even asked customers to scan their QR Code. Then to make sales easy for the team at Huzzah, we create a fun, short brand video that told the story and allowed them to spread the word of Huzzah without having to do all the talking themselves.