• Branding

The Problem

As client and partner, accesso required assistance in a number of areas. First, their company needed a solid, distinct new brand after a series of mergers and acquisitions. Then their product line needed simplification and branding identity for each of the numerous offerings. Lastly, after successfully achieving these goals, the relationship between Maven and accesso developed into a full scale Agency of Record partnership that would include the creation of everything from Websites and emails to print ads and brochures.

Our Approach

accesso is a leader in ticketing technology and e-commerce for the amusement park sector. So while they are mainly a tech company, they still operated in the world of recreation. Our approach was to use iconography, create kinetic yet distinct marks for their brand and their products, and feature photography that spoke more to the amusement experience than the techy-side of their business.

The Results

When our relationship first began, accesso was a single office company headquartered in Lake Mary, FL. Today, accesso is a global force in the amusement park industry and has offices in Asia, South America, Europe and the United States.

Getting It All In Line

As the parent company with more than a handful of products and services, the accesso brand had to stand out as the primary name – while still being visible across its product. The main brand was designed to be distinct in the marketplace, always appearing in full lowercase lettering. This also allowed the name to stay relatively diminutive in appearance when attached to product logos. The product logos themselves leaned heavily on vector iconography, while drawing from a strong palette of primary, robust colors. The aim was to infuse distinction but also a dose of playfulness given the sector.

Taking a Little Business Out of The Entertainment Business

A quick look at the before-and-afters on this page shows how our approach played out - not only in the branding stage but also subsequently across Website design and advertising campaigns. What before had been very corporate in look-and-feel, transitioned into a more emotional, human-centric creative approach. We took a company focused on recreation and forged a tighter connection with the true purpose of their industry.

The Launch of Prism

In addition to improving existing brands and elements of accesso, we recently were tasked to help launch an entirely new brand of theirs - PRISM. This release of this revolutionary queuing product was highly anticipated in the amusement park business, so we started out with a teaser ad campaign that revealed very little details and built excitement towards the launch date. This was followed by a print ad campaign and integration of the brand into the accesso Website - extending the lively, color-centric name and brand of the new product.