Artifact Candle Foundry


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The Problem

A brother and sister duo engaged our agency to create a brand for their do-it-yourself candle making workshop. The concept was relatively novel - mixing your own candles in a social, fun environment - but the aspirations were big and value was to be placed on branding from the get-go.

Our Approach

We started by creating an identity for the brand. Who are they, what do they do, and how does that manifest in messaging and design? Our team worked closely with the client to solidify the foundation and then we explored directions for all aspects of the branding. As always, we placed heavy emphasis on the power of design and writing to come together and elevate a brand’s potential and effectiveness.

The Results

Not only did the logo design win at the Addy’s, Artifact Candle Foundry is Orlando’s first do-it-yourself candle making experience. They opened to positive media coverage and continue to thrive in the competitive downtown scene - basically becoming an essential creative landmark in the lively Thornton Park district.

Not Just Welcoming. Cozy.

Branding doesn’t stop at a name and a logo. It’s the feeling a person walks away with after interacting with your company. There’s a difference between just welcoming someone at the door and creating a cozy environment for your guest to experience. We aimed to evoke an essence. Which, in practical terms, means your branding needs to come to life at every touchpoint. From the first impression through to what they take home.