• Branding

The Problem

The Bonefrog story presented a unique challenge – create a brand for this Navy Seal-inspired obstacle race with a new logo design and typeface to seamlessly appear alongside the pre-existing artwork of its flagship sponsor, Hesco – a company specializing in military-grade barricades and body armor.

Our Approach

Working within the same color pallet as Hesco, we set off to create a mark for Bonefrog strong enough to stand on its own but also fitting with the sponsor’s mark. It was critical from a design perspective that the mark stay true to the Bonefrong name and challenge and remain flexible in application on everything from t-shirts to giant obstacle walls.

The Results

Today, Bonefrog continues to thrive as a military-grade obstacle race and maintains a healthy partnership with Hesco. On Websites and across various other media, both companies’ marks pair together attractively but manage to live on their own and support their own identities.

Challenge Accepted

The Bonefrog Challenge obstacle race is fully created and hosted by a former Navy SEAL. Calling this race a serious challenge would be a serious understatement. That challenging nature of the race actually carried over to our branding project when we were tasked with creating a totally new brand for Bonefrog that would pefectly sync with Hesco’s logo, while not mirroring it. Also, deviating from the initial ask, we didn’t want the logo to feature a full-body frog design since that would be too busy, difficult to scale and appear overly zoological. We were able to craft the best solution by designing a mark that was iterative of a frog skeleton, rather than anatomical and literal. We stuck with an edgy design approach and – after rounds and rounds of sketches and ideation – we ended up on a vector shape that represents the overhead view of a frog skull. The mark is strong, distinct and reflective of the brand. It’s also cool and sleek enough to be desirable on merchandise and apparel. Additionally, we crafted a brand typeface with a noticeably military vibe that was able to stand hand-in-hand with Hesco's mark.