Carousel’s Icery


  • Apparel Design
  • Branding
  • Copywriting & Messaging
  • Environmental Design
  • Naming
  • Packaging
  • Photography
  • Website Design

The Problem

It’s really hard to say there’s a ‘problem’ when you’re working with the bright flavors and colors of an Italian-style shave ice. It’s more of an opportunity to create a vibrant, fun new brand from the name up. Based on a boardwalk family tradition.

Our Approach

The approach here was simple. Originally started by a family on the New Jersey coast, bring this boardwalk-backstory to life in a welcoming, positive vibe for the brand. Think warm feelings and chilly treats. Sweet, but not overly sugary.

The Results

Branding, messaging and design come together to tell this story in seconds. The name alludes to a boardwalk inspiration. The messaging brings warmth to an otherwise icy world as do the colors - a warm orange playing against a snow blue.

Fruity, Frozen Fotography

Look, we actually know how to spell (so we’re allowed to misspell every now and then.) We also know how to capture flavor and fun in the frame of a photograph. In this instance, we let the product paint the palette, and with careful art direction, brought this electrically colored landscape to life by staying true to the brand with backgrounds of blue and orange.

Brightly Balanced Branding

Great branding isn’t just visual. Nor is it only verbal. It’s both coming together. Here, we brought the character of Carousel’s to life with few words and minimalist design. Because together, they support and strengthen each other. Neither trying too hard. Neither overpowering the other. Just brightly balanced branding. Elements of art and language swirling together to share a story.

A Retail Tale to Tell

These days, some brands exist entirely in the digital space. But not Carousel’s. This consumer-facing and kid-facing brand needed to get cozy at the countertop, on cups, a truck, a lit-up marquee and more. Pulling this off requires purpose and artistic restraint. Every element becomes important. From healthy amounts of white space to carefully selected typefaces with appealing but also legible letters and numerals.