• Branding

The Problem

Converse planned an experiential promotional event in a high visibility area of downtown Philadelphia. The goal was to design the event space and create a collateral takeaway that promoted a new line of basketball shoes and recent sponsorship of NBA star and Philly 76er, Elton Brand.

Our Approach

Rather than simply looking presently to the task at hand, we zeroed in on the nostalgia and uber-stylish legacy of Converse’s most famous shoe – the Chuck Taylor, aka Chucks.

The Results

With the timeless style of Chucks as creative inspiration, we designed a striking brochure, dynamic event banners and display pedestals that brought Converse’s event and new shoe line to life.

Some Styles Never Fade.

Black and white photography. Chuck Taylors. Both timeless. Always in style. And even though Converse was promoting its latest-and-greatest line of basketball shoes at the Philly event, we recognized that public sentiment and awareness heavily favored the iconic Chuck Taylor footwear line. So, by adorning the collateral materials with the familiar footprint of Chucks and keeping the design crisp but granular and kinetic, the work invoked a sense of modern energy while still connecting with the vintage spirit of Converse.

Immersive and On-Brand

Working with a brand like Converse presented our agency with the opportunity to carry an already well-known flag forward. The display pedestals were adorned with the brand's trademark ‘circled star’ logo. While the large display banner featured the brand name and logo in solid striking white against the darker backdrop. The result was an eye-catching experience that attracted foot traffic and instantly told the story of Converse’s new basketball shoes and sponsorship of Elton Brand.