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The Problem

Founded in 2003, Team Dignitas is the one of the original and longest running teams/brand in esports. To celebrate their 15th year of competition and to kickstart a new era, the team sought to rebrand with a new logo and creative approach - along with dropping “Team” from its name and going forward simply as Dignitas.

Our Approach

In this instance, the client came to us with the idea of featuring an owl in the logo. Although an owl is a creature tagged with many meanings and use in symbolism, Dignitas chose the owl specifically based on lore from An Ancient Rome in which it was a sign of foreboding and impending doom - as is often the fate of Dignitas’ opponents. Therefore, our creative pursuits were aimed at making a mark that embodied the spirit and look of the team through inspiration in the form of an owl.

The Results

Branding an esports team is not only an awesome project, but it’s also one which requires exhaustive artistic exploration. After many intentional rounds of creative and logo progressions, we landed on a concept which embodies the new spirit of Dignitas. The mark is fresh, original take on the owl. This one isn’t so friendly. It’s sleek and attacking, but most importantly, styled to be the envy of the esports world.

Arriving at the Winner

Logo design - the visual component of brand identity - is a process that evolves and narrows from initial directions to more finely tuned iterations of a particular logo. One after the other, refinements are made and options are tested - until the winning logo is finally created. This pursuit of perfection is what ultimately leads to a logo that can be loved by fans, flown on flags and proudly worn on merch. It can scale from small to super huge. It can be contained in a shield or soar powerfully on its own. In the case of Dignitas, this process worked exactly as designed, resulting in the new official logo for one of the founding teams in the rapidly growing arena of esports.

Designed to Dominate

Esports are all about competition. Winning is the only thing that matters. So we wanted to design a logo that would be the envy of the league, that would stand out in a world often driven by trends, and that would have value and recognition beyond esports. The logo is modern and surprisingly detailed even though it remains simplified and sleek in design. It looks equally impressive on a jersey, a scoreboard or a hat. And the accompanying type compliments the mark with strong edges and a thick silhouetted strength.