Disney Institute


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The Problem

In this case, the problem was actually more of an opportunity to partner with Disney – an international brand with strong Orlando ties. Specifically, we were tasked with promoting their world-renowned business and customer service training school, known as Disney Institute. All told the project carried out through three phases: a comprehensive ad campaign in traditional and digital media; a photo shoot, digital ad campaign and landing page for their “Earn Your Ears” Sweepstakes; and a photo shoot, concept and art direction for a B2B ad campaign for the institute itself.

Our Approach

Our approach was to leverage Disney's “happiness” brand and carry that over into messaging, photography and art direction that then translated directly into the objectives of Disney Institute. Also, the work had to meet consumer expectations associated with the Disney brand.

The Results

All three projects were executed and successfully launched for Disney Institute. The “Earn Your Ears” sweepstakes was deemed a huge success based on the measured participation generated from the social ad campaign. As a result, Maven's strong partnership with Disney Institute remains to this day.

Getting Creative with Disney

The first of the three Disney Institute projects allowed us to be the most creative- as we explored several creative approaches for the proposed ad campaign. One concept explored a hospitality angle. While another used familiar characters from the Disney cast. Then finally, we landed on a headline driven concept that was attention-getting and colorful. This allowed for flexibility and ease of execution in the digital space. Plus it put the messaging of the campaign front and center, prompting instant reaction from online audiences.

From Comp to Final

As with most projects, the “Earn Your Ears” creative began as simple, in-house comps. From these initial comps, we directed a studio photo shoot which produced assets for the final advertisements. With additional retouching from art directors, we were able to place our models in park settings without having to conduct an actual on-site shoot that might disrupt park operations. To pull this off, we had to think strategically from the start – taking into consideration factors such as lighting, shadows, location, etc.

The Happiest Ads on Earth

Disney Institute teaches and trains outside business professionals in the highly-respected, successful Disney method for employee management. Namely, that is to put customer service first by ensuring that your team is working with a genuinely happy attitude. This campaign embodied that sentiment by showing talent overwhelmed with happiness and asking them to imagine their customers feeling this way. The photoshoot delivered on this with smiling faces and the campaign objective was solved with a bright, clean layout and messaging that conveyed the Disney Institute’s promise.