Dr. Phillips Center Annual Report


  • Annual Report Design
  • Art Direction
  • Photography

The Problem

Less of a problem and more of an opportunity. The Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts asked us to turn an annual report into art. From cover to cover, we set out to transform numbers into a captivating expression of everything this local institution had accomplished.

Our Approach

As the center celebrated their fifth year, we leaned into creating meaningful manifestations of the number. Turning numbers into performance art. Starting with the cover, which is a close up of the stained glass in one of their theaters. Through to the string art which represents their close ties to the community. But, adding another layer of meaning, the ropes are also a material used within the theater itself to tie huge strips of canvas to the ceiling. From handwritten backstage notes, to architectural drawings to represent the philanthropic efforts that built the center - the beauty is in the story.

The Results

Winner of several Addy awards and District-level gold awards. The attention to art direction and publication design was well received. For the Dr. Phillips Center, it became the masterpiece they hoped to proudly display in their facilities.

Capturing The Detail.

This was never going to be just an annual report. It was a printed, physical representation of an arts center that transformed Orlando. We visited their theaters ourselves to capture the nuances that people often overlook, but feel. Whether it be the polished stained glass inside, or the rough textures of construction outside - elements of The Dr. Phillips Center influenced every detail of our design.