Experience Kissimmee


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  • Copywriting & Messaging
  • Design
  • Studio Production

The Problem

With National Tourism Week only a few weeks away, Experience Kissimmee partnered with us to create a multimedia advertising campaign with a two-fold purpose: 1) to say “Thanks” to tourists visiting the Kissimmee and Orlando area; and 2) to foster goodwill amongst the local population by highlighting the value of tourism in Osceola County.

Our Approach

Drawing on the “Then and Now” theme of 2018’s National Tourism Week, we took inspiration from the long-running history of tourism in Kissimmee and approached the design with a vintage Florida-summer aesthetic. The work ultimately highlights the era of postcards, station wagons and roadside citrus stands - a direction that rang true to the area’s heritage while providing a colorful, uplifting canvas for the campaign.

The Results

Combining messaging with an energetic creative theme and great art direction, the campaign came together throughout various media in the Central Florida area - including outdoor, print, social and digital display ads. Both client and community were very receptive to the work, and National Tourism Week was represented creatively and positively here in Central Florida.

Where Tourism is Tradition

In the Kissimmee area, tourism has been going strong for almost a century and a half. So creating a tie to the past presented us with a seamless, honest process - as even the walls of the client’s office are adorned in vintage tourism photos. As we explored the concept, we eventually landed on a particular era - the 50s. This decade famously features a familiar, distinct, colorful, postcard look that mixes nostalgia with art deco elements and illustrated realism. Sounds like a perfect fit. And it was. We created a mark for the campaign that resembled signage from old Florida street-side motels and gifts shops - true staples of the period. And the hero graphics from the work mirrored the hand-illustrated artwork from classic postcards that defined the era.

The Simpler, The Better

When it comes to messaging in advertising across various media, being succinct is always key. In this campaign, we had to say thanks to the region’s tourists by touting the significance of their financial impact - since they contribute $6 billion annually to the Osceola County (Kissimmee) economy. Then, once you add a logo and a URL in the limited ad space, things get crowded quickly. In this case, we worked closely with the client to focus in on clarity, getting the messaging down to its simplest terms - even eliminating URLs in many instances. The result was an ad campaign that allowed the artwork to take center state as the true hero while still getting the messaging across efficiently and effectively.