Farm & Haus


  • Branding

The Problem

For starters, cook up a brand from scratch for a farm-to-kitchen-to-table food service company that delivers fully-cooked, ready-to-serve meals to consumers' homes. Secondly, develop a consumer facing Website capable of processing and inventorying orders – while also integrating an ability for customers to track orders and delivery progress in real time.

Our Approach

The optimal creative approach called for minimalism with a huge helping of white/negative space. This created an easily-navigable UX/UI and allowed the vibrant colors of the food photography to pop off the page. We also employed a pre-existing software interface commonly used to track fleet vehicles and smoothly integrated it into the Farm & Haus Website.

The Results

The Farm & Haus brand launched with success and the new site and its embedded technology allowed the company to immediately begin processing orders and serving food within their delivery radius. Customers were able to easily order meals through the site and also able to track the status and location of the delivery driver on the way with dinner.

Farm-to-Front Door

While the farm-to-table concept itself isn’t new – the concept of getting a ready-to-serve, organic, fresh meal at your front door is. So, in this case, the design was specifically restrained and instead leaned product-forward. By showing the food packaged, hot and ready for delivery, the story of the brand was told instantly through imagery. This was also bolstered with direct but clever headlines (Chef made. Home delivered.) that quickly conveyed the idea.

Great Integration

Websites are no longer only ‘online brochures’ as they were mislabeled for so many years. Rather many companies use sites as primary tools for customer service, product delivery and revenue generation - Farm & Haus included. So we created a simple, user-friendly meal ordering and payment experience for customers. And most impressively, also created a fully hidden, delivery-tracking backend that resulted in a visually attractive portal for customers to monitor their deliveries in real time. In a sense, we had to bring multiple software worlds together behind-the-scenes and make them appear outwardly seamless to consumers. Mission accomplished.