Florida Citrus Sports


The Problem

Orlando, FL is home to Camping World Stadium - an outdoor, sports venue with a seating capacity of 65,000. Since Orlando’s professional and collegiate sports teams already play in other stadiums and arenas in the city, this world-class facility (formerly the Citrus Bowl) must attract big time games from out-of-town teams to be played there each year - from leagues such as the English Premier League and NCAA Football. Maven was tasked with redesigning the marketing materials for this massive annual sales effort. As well as simultaneously designing and art directing game day collateral for three NCAA Bowl Games during the 2016 college postseason.

Our Approach

The client had a general look-and-feel and core message of “Bigtime” already established, but the overall art direction needed a comprehensive overhaul. So using their base colors as a starting point, we aimed to elevate the design up to the big time where it needed to be. After all, when trying to attract big-budget title sponsors there’s no room anything less than excellence. And for the bowl game collateral it was important for the work to have a collectible feel, since many fans keep tickets, programs and lanyards as souvenirs.

The Results

For the second year in a row, Maven’s partnership with Florida Citrus Sports resulted in beautiful, souvenir-worthy work. Camping World Stadium was able schedule big time games and land sponsorship deals for the events which included two types of football - soccer and American football. So photographically, the work was varied to reflect these internationally loved games which produce a packed house for Camping World Stadium time and time again. And in February 2018, we were awarded an American Advertising Federation ADDY Awards for our creative work on the Florida Citrus Sports Program Cover in the Publication Design category.

All About the X's and O's

Just like sports, creative work is rooted in fundamental principles. So for these collateral works, our design focused on energy and color - presented in a clean, sophisticated way. In particular when producing the long-form brochure pictured below, the design had to be consistent, yet not monotonous throughout. Reader interaction with such a piece should feel beautiful and practical from cover to cover. And that’s the level of work we’ve delivered for Florida Citrus Sports since our partnership began more than two years ago.

Tackling 3 Projects in 1

It’s a testament to the creative capabilities of Maven and our team, that we could art direct and design three almost identical projects, simultaneously, but achieve three very distinct looks. This comes from a multi-designer, team centric approach. In order to achieve results like this for our clients and partners, we routinely employ the full staff of art directors and designers to reach a desired outcome, and in this case, a touchdown for all three bowl games at Camping World in 2016.

For the Sake of a Keepsake

For sports fans, it doesn’t get any bigger than rooting for your team live, in-the-stands. Many fans dream of these moments and many come with lofty expectations. We designed the Florida Citrus Sports collateral materials with this mind - allowing the venue to display their understanding and ability to produce printed works that many fans would likely keep as souvenirs. So we kept a bold, energetic feel to everything – on par with international, high-stakes sporting events – making sure to also keep the approach tasteful.