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The Problem

This app set out to gamify Reality TV and interact with audiences beyond the episode’s airing. The guess-and-win concept was ready to go, and we were going to brand it for TV’s most engaged fandoms.

Our Approach

Become one with the audience. Some of us were already deep into this world, but others had some binging to do. We must understand who we’re reaching before we can design and create messaging that’ll effectively connect to our target. For Frenemies, and the world of Reality TV, it was finding that tension between friend vs enemy - we had to capture the light-hearted fun of gaming with the competitive bite of drama.

The Results

Play along to see our branding come to life throughout the user experience. You can compete against thousands of other Reality TV diehards almost every night in the Frenemies app. And see if you have what it takes to win.

The Branding 411

Before we were introduced to Frenemies, the company was operating under a different name and with different messaging tactics. So what’s the advantage of coming to us for branding? In short, better results. When you make your business’ branding more consistent, more individualised to your specific offering, and well, way more interesting - you now have a brand people look forward to interacting with. And that makes for better business.

Bite Your Tongue

But, not too hard. Ouch. Words have power. Especially in Reality TV, when emotions run high and prizes are at stake. So, in the spirit of this world, our messaging craves to be biting, but not hurtful. To be playful, but strategic. To be friendly, yet competitive. It’s a sweet spot we have to hit every time. Or else we risk not connecting with the audience we’re writing for.

Let’s Rule Together

When words and design come together, there’s no brand that can’t win. With Frenemies, there’s a personality present from the start. A duality that the brand has to further. Friend or enemy? A lively tension that comes to life through art and copy.