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The Problem

Be creative while at the same time explain what edge computing is to the world - from the perspective of a completely new, innovative product in a completely new, constantly changing category of computing.

Our Approach

The core benefit of Hivecell is the ability to stack its machines to increase the compute power of your remote-server operations. We started with this simple idea, and built on it from there.

The Results

Staying in their bold yellow and black color platform, we crafted a striking, compelling brand. And seemingly cracked the code, figuring out a way to voice the brand with approachable, intriguing and even slightly edgy tone. Winner of 2 ADDY Awards in 2021 - including a GOLD ADDY for Logo Design

Edge Computing Without That Edgy Feeling

Edge computing. It’s highly technical and Hivecell is leading the next frontier of data computing. This isn’t just another technology, but an innovation in the fundamental operations of digital information. The brand needed to match the heftiness of this company’s mission - to feel sophisticated yet strong enough to push the edge. The simplicity of the logomark brings attention to a core benefit of Hivecell - the ability to stack its machines to efficiently increase the compute power of your operation. A concept that translates the name, Hivecell, into a practical visual - combining the individual cells to form a more powerful, united system. It’s also symbolic of a hive itself.

Can You Make Edge Computing Fun?

Well, we think so. And that’s not an easy task for our team of writers. First of all, we absorb ourselves in our clients’ world and the complex technologies they’re developing. Then we start breaking the complexities apart into more easily understood concepts that can stack almost like the machines themselves. Once we’ve logically dissected everything, from there, it’s easier to piece ideas together in meaningful, compelling, even funny language.

Simple Elegance to Counterbalance a Complex Technology

The yellow and black combination is simple and quickly connects the visuals to a hard-working mentality. The worker bees. And also the imagery of tough and durable construction scenes and machinery. Every element adds up to create a brand that pushes the edge of computing.