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The Problem

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Hydrant is an all-natural electrolyte rapid hydration mix - formulated by an Oxford scientist. Our job was to add character to the brand with voice and messaging, to create a new visual brand identity and come up with a stunning packaging design.

Our Approach

Voice-wise, we chose to keep the brand promise believable and honest - focusing on the idea of making water work better. Visually, we created a color-forward universe in which columns of dots represent the science behind the product - almost molecular in nature - and designed packaging with soft, tasteful colors that represent the mildly fruit-flavored powder.

The Results

The new packaging and brand have helped propel Hydrant to a new level as a company - carving out its own space in a very crowded market. The new look and attitude has been winning new customers for the brand, especially in the social and digital space.

Separating from the Pack with Packaging

Believe it or not, the hydration marketplace is a crowded one. From sugary convenience store brands to science-forward electrolyte powders, the products come in many shapes and sizes, prices and points of sale. Our client Hydrant fell into the latter category - a powder-based water additive that provides a crisp, natural flavor and the perfect balance of electrolytes that make water work better. The packaging reflects this approach - with its soft, natural color palette and its molecular design elements.

It All Makes Sense

Rapid Hydration Mix. Making Water Work Better. Powder, Power. These words aren’t wild or out there. But they are original and say a lot without saying much at all. They deliver a brand promise that the product absolutely delivers on. This is simple but powerful hydration. We’re not trying to save the world or win football games. We’re making water work better. And oftentimes, all you have to do is make sense and trust that consumers are sophisticated enough to try a product that is presented tastefully and honestly.