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The Problem

As a leader in mental/emotional development for troubled children, Kinder Konsulting wanted to upgrade the brand’s look and feel from institutional (i.e. government, contract) to something with a more retail appeal and an added emotional character that would relate to the sensitivities of families as they seek help.

Our Approach

We landed on the idea that every family and child is an inimitable story. And though unfortunately some life turns may lead to a need for counseling, in every case, we all seek better pastures, bigger happiness and a wonderful ending. Our creative work embraced this natural pursuit and progression. We pulled inspiration from the colorful storybooks collections of more than a century ago - where stories were told delicately and colorfully through type and illustration.

The Results

The new brand for Kinder Konsulting consists heavily of illustration and unique typography. The logo is presented using a “framing” system much like you’d find on the cover of an old storybook. Together, these elements have awoken the brand with new playfulness and sincerity. And the work was recently shortlisted for a 2019 Communication Arts Typography Award.

A New Story with Every Child

No two children are the same. It’s a beautiful truth that makes family life adventurous and magical. So, we developed a “frame” logo system to reflect that uniqueness and the transition through stages of development. While the name of the company never changes, the frames around it can and do - sometimes buzzing with energy, calming down with teal or staying simple with black line art. The variety helped expand the brand’s creative universe and develop a library of stories and personality to reflect the individuality of the children seeking growth through Kinder Konsulting.

Typography & Illustration Together

Like a storybook, our new brand work for Kinder Konsulting came together through type and illustration. Whether for the website, collateral, signage and more, the work is always colorful and hand-drawn. The type chosen was actually a “found” type from the late 1800s. Our designers “traced” it into a program and modified the type family, creating something custom and almost from scratch - giving the work a familiar feel but completely new shape.