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The Problem

Live Life Nice was born out of the Sixers Innovation Lab and its founder, Christian Crosby, who came to us looking to create a lifestyle and apparel brand that would reflect the positivity he was injecting into the world. And make it so appealing that celebrities would jump in on the movement. Ok, challenge accepted.

Our Approach

Our approach was to turn happiness into design. The initial ask was for a logo and through an iterative process, we found that the words themselves said everything we needed. But, there wasn’t a typeface out there that did everything we wanted. What to do? Create our own, handwritten, wordmark and make it a star. It came out pretty NICE.

The Results

A startup's logo project grew into an apparel line that Foot Locker snagged and celebrities flaunted. Upon the launch of the new branding on social media, shirts repeatedly sold out. The demand for Live Life Nice apparel shattered expectations. The brand even made it on Post Malone’s feed and into Jamie Foxx’s life. This once unknown lifestyle brand got the kind of reach that’d make anyone smile.

Snowball Branding.

When you do branding the “right” way (with thought and intention) from the start, of course it’s going to grow into so much more. In this case, if you look at the company’s name itself, you’ll notice that the words repeat a lot of the same letters. Which, if you strain your brain too much will send you straight into the Twilight Zone. This was a design challenge that led to creative opportunity. NICE had to stand out. But, since nothing was cutting it for us, we ended up creating our own typeface for that word. And that wordmark took on a life of its own. It became the staple for the brand. One, well-designed word embodied the energy and the positivity of an entire brand. It went from a logo, to a popular apparel line within weeks. Nice kids loved it. Cool kids wore it.