• App Design

The Problem

Think house-calls and doctor delivery to your home, via mobile app. That’s Mend. And for this project, our job was to create a full-scale brand for their modern take on the traditional house-call and to design a functional, but easy-to-use UI/UX for their very robust service app.

Our Approach

With the branding piece, we positioned Mend to be neither sterile, nor traditional – but rather fun, easy-going and lighthearted. And with the UI/UX component, we focused on amplifying the simplicity of their service - arranging for a doctor to visit your home - while masking behind-the-scenes complexity.

The Results

The new brand and app performed well for Mend, and the company was able to leverage its network of doctors to connect with Orlando-area patients. Also, our brand work for Mend earned top creative honors with a Gold Addy Award in the Logo Design category.

New Brand for an Old-Fashioned Concept

Back in the day, doctors came to you. Fast forward to today and it’s the other way around, we have to go to them. In order to help families avoid the troubles of this modern landscape, Mend sought to re-establish the traditional “house-call” by connecting doctors and patients via mobile app. So creatively and strategically, we stayed bright and happy in the art direction, with the use of fun, contoured iconography – thereby keeping the brand intentionally non-traditional, even though the concept of Mend was somewhat traditional in itself. The logo was designed as an iconic iteration of a heart-shaped stethoscope to pair with a vibrant, positive brand identity that carried across all forms of printed collateral and digital media.

Designing the Experience

Mend’s entire business model revolved around consumer use of a mobile application. So needless to say, the success of the operation rested largely in the interface and experience delivered by the Mend app. We were tasked with designing the app’s front-end and keeping the look-and-feel of it on brand. But most importantly, we worked to ensure that the design delivered an inviting, multi-functional user experience for Mend’s customers – allowing them to find a doctor in the area, sort by ranking, arrange a visit then track the doctor's physical progress as he traveled towards the user’s home.