Millers Ale House


The Problem

As a well-established restaurant/bar chain with a fully staffed in-house marketing department, Miller’s Ale House sought a creative partner to help execute on a number of creative projects. Including menu layout, strategic positioning for upcoming promotions and art direction for in-restaurant collateral materials.

Our Approach

Primarily, we approached design and copy by staying with the new brand guidelines that Miller’s Ale House had just launched. However, when possible, we used the opportunity to help further their brand voice and round out the new personality and character their business had taken on.

The Results

Miller’s Ale House continues its strong partnership with Maven - leveraging our creative resources to launch seasonal promotions and sales efforts. All projects are aimed at increasing sales either during a specified time period, day of the week or from a new menu. To date, all campaigns have met or exceeded expectations. And in February 2018, we were awarded an American Advertising Federation ADDY Award for our messaging and design on the Miller's Ale House, House of Football Menu, Specialty Advertising category.

A Happier Happy Hour

As an initiative for the new brand, Miller’s Ale House sought to promote a new happy hour menu with its own visual identity, voice and unique set of offerings. To achieve this goal, we created the “Find Your Happy Hour” positioning. It mirrored their brand guidelines but invited people to come experience happy hour the way they wanted to – specifically by offering an amenable approach and showcasing the affordable, affable nature of this new position for Miller’s. Graphically the work used the red-stained wood texture from their brand standards as a backdrop, but pushed the secondary light blue color to forefront – allowing this promotion to stand out from standard promotions the restaurant was already offering.

Promoting the Promotions

When it comes to designing in-restaurant collateral, you’re up against thousands of distractions – from giant TVs to friends, family, food and beyond. So the challenge is to be creative, be on point and stand out in a very crowded space. Whether it’s for the big game or a new holiday promotion, we designed pieces for Miller’s Ale House with this critical insight in mind. By staying strategic and smart, we partnered with their internal marketing team to create brand-supporting materials while also crafting attention-getting marketing collateral that pushed the ball across the goal line.