• Brand Guidelines
  • Campaign Creation
  • Photography
  • Taglines
  • Voice & Messaging

The Problem

Since 2002, Moonfish had been operating as the premiere steak and seafood restaurant on Orlando’s Restaurant Row. They were farm-and-sea to table before it all went mainstream. Yet the time came for a brand refresh aimed at the sensibilities of modern diners. To accomplish this, Moonfish wanted to revitalize their guest experience and create a new category of casual fine dining. They knew what changes to make in the kitchen and on the menu, but they turned to us to help with the branding.

Our Approach

We refined their logo, provided all new photography assets and brought it all together with a new style guide to execute. It was important that their visual representation reflected the originality and authenticity of their food, so we shot their food on location. We also provided them with new, flavorful voice and messaging options to better highlight their new direction.

The Results

Fresh branding for a high-quality, casual culinary experience. Their voice and look finally matched their unique offering. And the new photography was used on everything from billboards to social media. Leaving Moonfish satisfied and foodies hungry for more.

Lights. Camera. In a Snap.

As a brand, Moonfish serves a culinary experience that starts before any food hits your table. This needed to come to life in juicy food photography. So, we decided to shoot at the restaurant to showcase the food in its natural setting. Not only did we deliver on the photography from start to finish, we did the photoshoot with utmost professional efficiency. One day. No operational interference. In. Out. We worked with the staff to coordinate scheduling. And we got the photos we needed within their restaurant, with their food and their people.

Adding another dimension to a food-first brand makes it all the richer.

With messaging on the menu, social media, print and billboards - we were able to bring the character of Moonfish to life. A personality that better reflected their new, more casual dining offering while delivering on their commitment to freshness and quality. Giving people the words to describe what Moonfish does best.