New Whey


  • Branding

The Problem

New Whey’s brand and product packaging needed a modern infusion with a more straightforward, powerful look.

Our Approach

For both logo and package design, the approach was to design a brand with eye-catching, retail-shelf appeal. But do so in a tasteful, timeless way – avoiding the overly brash, tacky designs so commonly found in the protein powder and supplement category.

The Results

Relying on a sleek, classic black-and-gold combo, the New Whey protein powder packaging and logo stood apart from its competitors on the shelves – earning distribution with retail partners such as Smoothie King, GNC, Walmart, Kroger, The Vitamin Shoppe and more.

Building A Stronger Brand

For New Whey we pushed bold colors to the fore. Surrounded the name in a symbol of strength – a shield. We also subtlety added a lightning bolt as an additional symbol of energy. The brand typefaces were all sans serif to keep the look uncluttered. And ultimately, the brand was wrapped in a fully scalable appearance – fitting for everything from packaging to apparel.

Black, Gold & Bold

When it comes to strength of visual presence, few color combinations pack a punch on part with the duo of black and yellow. However, in the protein supplement category this was rarely used. Most competitor products featured loud reds or electric blues with shiny metallic accents. So we went in the exact direction. We dialed things back to the basics, using black as the actual color of the canister so that any yellows or whites popped off the surface. This gave us a very clean canvas to apply the logo, product name, nutrition information and other product details.