Orlando Magic 2020 Campaign


  • Brand Guidelines
  • Branding
  • Campaign Creation
  • Copywriting
  • Script Development
  • Voice & Messaging

The Problem

The Orlando Magic’s main marketing campaign - PURE MAGIC - had run its course. In place for almost 5 years, the mantra needed to be replaced. Along with a new, modern design aesthetic.

Our Approach

To be the best. Not only did we want the Magic to look and sound great, we wanted to be able to put our designs and campaign up against rival NBA teams and come out on top. We sought to elevate the brand, the team and the spirits of the fans.

The Results

After weeks of creative exploration, additional weeks of consumer research and testing, and working closely with the Magic team, we landed on “Magic Above All.” It’s a rally cry of perspective and togetherness. Giving the team and the community a position of high ground - where we can all come together to cheer and strive for victory without fear.

Magic Above All

Simplicity. Power. A rally cry. And something to believe in. Magic Above All checks all of those boxes. And with an Orlando being an international destination, the language chosen had to be broad and translatable. It also needed to be brief and short enough to squeeze onto a billboard. And of course, it needed to be creative at heart and strike a nerve of inspiration for the team and town.

Inspiration from Time-Tested Style

Inspiration is a source of energy and fuel for any creative endeavor. And just like any engine, you get out what you put in. So, we found inspiration from time-tested basketball style. The stuff that you liked when you were a kid. And the stuff that’s still cool enough to wear today. Then, our team of talented senior designers translated the creativity of yesterday into an original execution of modern design. Our aim was to give fans something to love. Something to put on a shirt and wear with pride. Every day.