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  • Naming

The Problem

The world’s leading learning company set out to create a new way to search, compare and find the best educational path for each student. Typically, searching through universities and degree programs led to unhelpful websites and cluttered inboxes. Finding the information you needed was a mission. Pearson Pathways would be different. It would not be sales driven, but driven by a student’s needs.

Our Approach

This sub-brand had to stand apart from existing Pearson products, but live within the Pearson branding ecosystem. The visual look and messaging were crafted to speak to and appeal to someone searching for the right education. A daunting task. So, to position Pearson Pathways as a helpful guide, it was important to feel relatable and human.

The Results

A vibrant sub-brand within the world’s biggest name in education. We worked within established branding guidelines to create a new art direction with illustrations and patterns. Messaging worked to build the persona and utility of the offering while the design welcomed students in - working together to encourage users to take that first step.

The Excitement of New. Within An Existing Brand.

Working with a large corporation means there’s a lot of established branding that must be carried throughout future designs. Sometimes part of branding is furthering an existing brand. With this we were able to achieve that human feel we wanted through illustrations and patterns. Vibrant. Energetic. Full of the excitement that should come with starting a new educational journey.

Creating a Personality.

This wasn’t just a corporation selling you something. This was a whole platform developed specifically to help new students. A guide. The messaging was key in creating that personality - an exercise in itself. We had to ask: how would a guide talk? But more importantly, how would a Pearson guide talk?