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The Problem

A real estate tech startup from Austin, TX came to us looking for a rebrand of their young, but very unique company - which at the time was called Recap Management Solutions. Within the real estate industry, their name and brand were a bit too expected and not memorable enough. They wanted to look and sound different than their competitors - both with their name and their brand mark - and become a respectable force in the industry.

Our Approach

After an exhaustive exploration into the name, we landed on “Pineapple.” The pineapple is a symbol of welcoming and vibrancy. In fact, you often see pineapples depicted on actual welcome mats laid at the front door of homes. So the word effectively connected with the concept of happy homes. And it’s totally unexpected within the real estate space - providing the company a platform to chart its own path and do things its own way.

The Results

The work and results speak for themselves. Colorful, but tempered with a royal, composed vibe, the brand represents exactly what our clients intended to be - a real estate tech company that cares about the integrity of the entire real estate process from owners to tenants.

Is that a Pineapple Guy?

Absolutely, that’s a Pineapple Guy. Complete with arms and legs. Welcoming you into an odd, ethereal, gazebo-style house. Presented in brand colors of soft peach and navy purple, setting an original tone of comfort cloaked in modern professionalism. The hand-illustrated elements add an organic touch and the classic serif typeface gives the brand a sense of lingering equity and experience. Together, these elements create a one-of-a-kind canvas for a brand looking to be compassionate and genuine.

Real Estate Shouldn't Be Real Boring

As a brand, we crafted Pineapple’s voice to acknowledge the human, emotional side of real estate. After all, real estate is the business of putting people and families into homes - a very tangible, critical aspect of life. So the brand’s words and tone speak to these realities, rather than directly addressing technology, business and profits. This sentimental, motivating position allows for further distinguishment in a typically cutthroat market and the portrayal of a company that hasn’t lost sight of what really matters.

A Feeling, Not A Fruit

Pineapple. Not exactly what you’d expect for the name of a real estate company using a proprietary algorithm to invest in rental properties. It’s something you’d more expect at brunch. But, the interesting name we chose for this brand isn’t about fruit at all. And not necessarily about brunch. It’s about the feeling of being welcomed home, and creatively it provided for the opportunity to build a deep, honest artistic universe. The name also opened the door for an energetic mark with personality and style. It gave an otherwise serious category some levity. It also gave the brand some color, freshness and vibrancy. And when you can create a brand experience with these engaging qualities, customers care more because they have something worthwhile and rewarding to interact with.