Savage Race


  • Branding

The Problem

Competition is at the core of racing. And with the “obstacle race” category growing rapidly, Savage Race needed a marketing boost to sprint past competitors and separate itself from the pack.

Our Approach

Give Savage Race a new, bold brand identity. Carve a niche for their brand in a crowded market. Then identify their most efficient, primary revenue source and maximize its potential.

The Results

The solution was twofold. Key in on characteristics that made Savage Race unique in the obstacle race category and position those in the forefront of messaging and design. Also, redesign with a focus on intense photography and a seamless, scalable UX/UI.

Don’t be like everybody
else. Be yourself. Be better
than everybody else.

A Savage Overhaul

Most obstacle races look and talk the same way. Overly-masculine. Graphically distressed. Focused only on the enormity of the challenge ahead. So for SAVAGERACE, we ran off in a totally new direction and recommended a shift in attention to the obstacles themselves – namely positioning SAVAGERACE as the category leader in innovative obstacle design and quantity of obstacles per mile. From there, we redesigned their logo to be energetic and powerful, without being gratuitously macho. And we art directed with an entirely new visual presence. Featuring striking, top-quality photography – zeroing in on individual effort and the human form overcoming obstacles.

“The whole team at Maven helped us plant our flag in the ground as an industry leader. We've seen first hand how a better brand and digital experience translates to better sales.”

- Sam | Savage Race Founder

Aggressive ROI

For SAVAGERACE the ROI was instant. Upon launch of their new brand and site, they experienced a heavy uptick in number of overall sessions and percentage of conversions across every medium (mobile, tablet and desktop). Most notable was the 69% increase in mobile sessions which translated into a 149% increase in conversion rate.