Swine & Sons


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The Problem

Fully orchestrate the Swine & Sons brand with a refreshed logo and an all-new photo shoot and art direction. Then infuse these new assets into an easily-updatable, CMS-powered Website capable of processing online orders and generating actionable “kitchen tickets” for the cooks.­­­­

Our Approach

Defined by culinary excellence, Swine & Sons maintains high standards across the board. So our approach was to deliver a refreshed identity and Website that equaled their lofty standards, but also, provided CMS and online ordering capabilities that were so critical to their business.

The Results

We successfully implemented the new online ordering system for Swine & Sons, and it still functions flawlessly today. With the Website’s new art direction, Swine & Sons continues to operate as a successful restaurant and catering kitchen – routinely earning almost a full 5 stars in social reviews.

A Brand With Its Own FLavor

Every great brand should have its own distinct flavor. And this is especially the case with Swine & Sons, as this eatery and catering service is the brainchild of James and Julie Petrakis – two award-winning Orlando-based chefs with a sterling reputation of culinary excellence. Hence, we sought to create an updated logo and creative direction that lived up to their standards. We stayed classic and timeless with the mark – relying more on the details and refinement of typesetting rather than an art-based mark or graphic elements. We produced a top-level photoshoot that fit within their budget but also delivered the honest, yet elevated experience of dining with Swine & Sons. And of course, the overall Website designed stayed clean enough so that the chefs and their creations were showcased as the heroes.

Easy to Order, Easy to Update

When Swine & Sons first came to us, their Website had no online ordering functionality. So we designed, developed and implemented a user-friendly system that included a customer shopping cart, payment method and a kitchen ticket printer – allowing the chef to get to work on orders immediately. Also, we employed a backend CMS (content management system) so stakeholders at Swine & Sons could update menus, specials and event information on the fly. For a restaurant specializing in highly seasonal ingredients with new specials coming out regularly, this was critical – and the solution we crafted was simple to use, blended seamlessly with brand art direction and is still in use today.