• Branding

The Problem

As one of the leading mobile app developers in Florida and the Southeast, TEEPS creates world-class quality applications for an ever-growing list of clients. This steadily increasing visibility and recognition required that their brand's creative elements match their reputation’s skyrocketing status.

Our Approach

Our designers and strategists focused on an approach that represented the people and practices of TEEPS - sci-fi, techy, creative and quirky. This not only applied to the logo and brand, but also to the art direction for TEEPS.org.

The Results

A monkey wearing a jetpack, flying through space. The new TEEPS brand showcases character, color and typeface. A striking orange against black were chosen as company colors, NASA-like fonts were employed, and the TEEPS space monkey launched the company into the stratosphere – helping its leadership earn a top statewide award for young entrepreneurship.

Hurtling Headfirst Into A New Frontier

Space exploration. Primates. This isn’t science fiction. It’s a formula for pushing new ideas forward, for testing boundaries and achieving breakthroughs. One-part tech-geek, one-part oddity. Thus became the formula for TEEPS’ new brand identity. Employing character and quirk while still featuring first-class design and typesetting. The logo pushed the company forward into new territory in a unique, visually interesting way – giving them a fun, versatile mark that looks pretty awesome on a t-shirt, too.

That Website is Far Out, Man

Outer space, that is. And for a company creating stellar mobile applications, well, outer space was the perfect backdrop for their new site. The look features a simple navigation and clear messaging with lots of negative space. Typefaces complement the new logo and are reminiscent of something you might see on a radar screen or at the control panel of a spaceship. In sum, the look was at once advanced and simplified – giving the client something with form and function for easy content management.