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The Problem

The true problem starts with the overload of data companies face. Especially video. Worlds uses deep learning AI to create a near-live 4D spatial model - from the hundreds of video cameras feeding into it. This gives hospitals, oil wells, military bases and more security-heavy locations the computing power to perceive and understand what’s happening in their environment on a whole new level. It detects what’s out of place long before humanly possible, and notifies whoever needs to know. So, with this super advanced, super smart technology, Worlds came to us to design a logo that was just as intriguing as their capabilities.

Our Approach

Thanks to previous work we’ve done in the Texas tech startup scene, Worlds trusted us to create their logo. Our design team turned one of the most complex technologies out there into a single, smart, living icon. Negative space and line art are used to convey the big idea - that this tech creates a shift in how we can view the world around us.

The Results

It may sound like science fiction, but tech like this is becoming more and more common every day. It’s a field we’ve gotten very comfortable integrating with and bringing to life through design and messaging. Worlds needed a partner that could understand the complexity of their offering and turn it into a marketable service. And we, yet again, had a role in branding the technologies that will shape our world.

Never Falls Flat.

The reasoning behind our designs are layered. Yes, the shifting lines convey how the tech can shift and adapt to what clients need, but it also adds dimension to a flat artform. It represents the AI’s ability to take multiple flat, video sources and stitch together a dimensional model.

Avoid The Obvious.

With a business name like Worlds - the first image that comes to mind is the stereotypical globe. We had to subvert that. Because, well, this wasn’t a stereotypical business. And it would break every fiber in our creative bones. However, we could combine the futuristic nature of AI and the practicality of design to embody the IDEA of a world. Carefully chosen ratios, shifting negative space and some sweat is all it took.